As Director of Marketing and Communications, Olivia Schmitt brings her vast insurance industry knowledge, strong leadership track record and small business expertise to the Total CSR team.

Through her podcast, Olivia holds space for other women in insurance to discuss their struggles, seek advice and discover new opportunities within the industry.

November 3, 2020

Alyssa Hrubes -On Never Settling for Less in Life

This week I welcome Alyssa Hrubes to the show!!

Alyssa is a friend, mom, wife and all about safety!  After trying to sort out what she wanted to major in for most of her college career, she fell in love with Safety. After wrapping up her internship she was offered a job in an agency and 17 years later, she has never looked back.  She now provides a wealth of experience and knowledge in her role as a Safety Consultant for TRICOR Insurance.

Listen in as Oliva and Alyssa chat about:

10:53 – How she ended up in Safety Consulting

18:30 – Why she loves agency life

24:20 – Biggest life lessons

28:45 – People who have impacted her journey

38:00 – Dealing with major life events

45:00 – Future plans

…and much, much more!


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