As Director of Marketing and Communications, Olivia Schmitt brings her vast insurance industry knowledge, strong leadership track record and small business expertise to the Total CSR team.

Through her podcast, Olivia holds space for other women in insurance to discuss their struggles, seek advice and discover new opportunities within the industry.

September 29, 2020

Tena Gerst: On Family, Community & Leadership

This week Olivia welcomes her sister Tena to the show!  And while we were raised in the same house, we could not be more different…

Tena is a wife, mom and engineer.  Always very driven, analytical and curious about math and science, she found engineering to be a natural fit.  After graduating in 2001 she landed an opportunity that would allow her to build her engineering career and see the world.  Throughout the last 19 years, she has gotten to live in beautiful places, build and challenger her own leadership skills and find a passion for mentorship. 


Listen in as Olivia and Tena chat about:


4:00 – The evolution of our relationship

8:00 – Why community matters

13:50 – Career & Leadership

20:00 – The importance of mentorship

29:05 – Advice for her younger self

33:00 – The thing we had in common

40:00 – Family First

57:00 – Letting go of perfectionism


…and much, much more.


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