As Director of Marketing and Communications, Olivia Schmitt brings her vast insurance industry knowledge, strong leadership track record and small business expertise to the Total CSR team.

Through her podcast, Olivia holds space for other women in insurance to discuss their struggles, seek advice and discover new opportunities within the industry.

November 17, 2020

YDKS - Greatest Hits

This week I am excited to bring you another collection of past interviews. 

This episode is full of amazing wisdom and advice from the incredible women I have had the privilege of interviewing over the last few months.  As I listened back through these interviews, I realized how relevant and timeless their insight is.  While it meant a lot in the moment, the impact it had on me as I put this project together was even more profound.

In this episode, you will get to hear from:

Billie Jo Galle

Sarah Applegate

Kelly Lennon

Sabrina Moon

Becky Schroeder

Arleen Taveras

Trisha Krautkramer

Tracy Staniland

Kiki Johnson

Kari Colman

Emily Mertz

Kelly Augspurger

I again sit here astonished at how blessed I am to get to steal time from each of these women and to share this slice of heaven with all of you is indescribable.

Be sure to connect with these amazing women!

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