As Director of Marketing and Communications, Olivia Schmitt brings her vast insurance industry knowledge, strong leadership track record and small business expertise to the Total CSR team. Through her podcast, Olivia holds space for other women in insurance to discuss their struggles, seek advice and discover new opportunities within the industry.


This week Olivia welcomes Janet Payne to the show!  Janet is the co-owner of TrustPoint Insurance & Real Estate in Burlington, KS

Janet's path to the insurance industry was not intentional - similar to what many of us have experienced.  Her heart set on a career in real estate, she soon found herself diving into insurance.  She quickly recognized how amazing the industry is.

She is passionate about how rewarding a career in insurance can be and dedicated to helping bring the next generation of agents into the industry!

In this episode Olivia and Janet chat about:

4:30 – Managing operations from home during COVID-19

11:00 – The real reason she got her insurance license and what reeled her in

17:00 – Her biggest life lessons

22:50 – The most influential people in her life

28:00 – Why “opposites attract” works in business

31:45 – How we attract the next generation of insurance professionals

41:40 – Advice for her younger self

…and much much more!


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This week Olivia catches up with Dani Kimble.  She is proud wife, mom of 3 and the Chief Marketing Officer for O'Neill Insurance.

Once a dance instructor, Dani found herself applying for a job at a local insurance agency almost 4 years ago and instantly fell in love with the culture.  Not only does she have killer dance moves, but she now channels that creativity once focused on telling a story through choreography into telling the story of O'Neill Insurance through brilliant marketing campaigns.

In this episode, Olivia and Dani chat about:

4:00 - Mommin' it up in Quarantine

11:40 - What led her to insurance

21:15 - The person who has impacted her life the most

26:30 - Her biggest life lesson

30:10 - Painting the picture of women in insurance leadership

37:35 - Advice for her younger self

46:20 - Her walk-up song

...and much, much more.

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This week Olivia catches up with Louise H Reid. She is a Chief Empowerment Officer & Leadership Consultant.  

The mission of her work is to “build better lives by elevating women and humanizing workplaces.”   She lives this every day through her consulting and coaching work.  She is also a speaker, writer (book #1 coming soon!) and host of the Louise H. Reid Show – a podcast highlighting inspiring people and sharing their stories with others.

This week Olivia and Louise chat about: 

11:00 – Louise’s Core Values

16:00 – How she developed her coaching practice

26:00 – The importance of building a tribe

31:22 – Setting every day up for success

36:57 – The question she asks herself every morning

44:15 – The importance of tuning in to your inner voice

50:40 – Changing the conversation and raising feminists

57:30 – The “Bridge of Discomfort” and assuming positive intent

…and so much more!


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This week, Olivia welcomes Erin Nutting to the show!  Erin is the owner of Integrity Insurance Services and Arizona Wedding Insurance in Tucson, AZ.  She is a proud mom, fiancé, business owner and cross-fit enthusiast.  

Her career in insurance began 15 years ago with her first job cold-calling for captive agencies before opening her own agency.   She loves the industry and uses her energy and creativity not only to build her own business, but to help others in their journey as well. 

Join Erin and Olivia as they discuss:

7:45 – Her 90 day marketing plan – it’s bananas

10:00 – How her fiancé popped the question

17:06 – Her tip for all parents

25:30 – Her ultimate hype song

27:15 – The accident that impacted her insurance career

37:18 – Why she chooses tactical over motivational

39:27 – How we encourage others to grow in their careers

46:02 – Why Airport Rules Apply

52:40 – The importance of being still

And so much more!

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This week Olivia catches up with Carrie Reynolds.  Carrie is the owner of Alan Galvez Insurance in Bellefontaine, OH. 

Carrie is a respected leader in her agency as well as a mom to two great kids.  She is passionate about the insurance industry and shows this not just in her day to day work with employees and clients, but also in the relationships she has built with other agents across the country.

Join Olivia and Carrie as they talk about:

4:05 – The importance of grace and understanding

8:45 - Carrie’s mantra while dealing with life in a pandemic

12:40 – Her journey in the insurance industry

21:00 – The critical element to preparing employees and customers for change

27:56 – The one piece of advice she would give everyone

36:30 – Her IAOA Experience

And much, much more!

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This week Olivia catches up with Vonda Copeland.  Vonda is the Vice President of Copeland Insurance and Co-Owner of Custom Harvest Insurance. 

Copeland Insurance is family owned agency spanning nine locations in Kansas.  

Vonda may have taken a bit of winding road into insurance, but has created a rewarding career in the industry.  

In this episode Olivia and Vonda chat about:

2:45 – Her Path into Insurance

7:50 – Why she embraces change

14:38 – Keeping people connected across distance

19:35 – Biggest career lesson

26:20 – The women who have impacted her life and career

29:00 – How the industry can encourage women in leadership

34:30 – The challenge she’s given herself for the future

And much, much more!

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This week Olivia catches up with Carey Wallace.  Carey is the Chief Innovation Officer at Ohio Insurance Agents and the CEO of IntellAgents, LLC.  Carey does incredible work helping insurance agents across the country understand their data and put it to work for them so they can create innovative solutions and achieve great results.  

In this episode Olivia and Carey chat about:

5:07 - Making memories with family during quarantine

13:10 - The services and resources they are providing to agents during the pandemic

17:43 - Helping agents strategize beyond the crisis

24:35 - The pause in her career that taught her about renegotiating

29:22 - The importance of owning your journey

38:40 - The volunteer work that has changed her life

And so much more!


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This week Olivia welcomes Bobbie Collies to the podcast.  Bobbie is the VP of Strategic Distribution at Grange Insurance.  Bobbie’s career in insurance started fresh out of college in an underwriting position which led her into leadership, marketing and her current role with Grange. 

Join Olivia and Bobbie as they chat about:

4:46 – How her new role combines professional development, excitement and vulnerability

10:58 – The most exciting thing she’s seeing in the industry right now

18:38 – Mom life, working from home and self-isolation

23:52 – Biggest Life Lesson

30:33 – Encouraging women in leadership

34:40 – The importance of knowing when to slow down

And so much more!

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In Episode #6 of You Don't Know Schmitt! Olivia catches up with Ashley Fitzsimmons.  Ash is the Customer Experience Manager at Ohio Insurance Agents (OIA) and also known as The Beyoncé of Insurance.  Ashley started out her career in a family agency before making the leap over to OIA where she gets to share her passion for insurance and all the people that make up this amazing industry.

Join Olivia and Ash as they talk about:

3:52 – How she became the Beyonce of Insurance

5:48 – Leaving the family agency to go to Ohio Insurance Agents

10:35 – Her love for bringing insurance professionals together

17:45 – Networking during Quarantine

25:37 – Her advice to women across the insurance industry

33:11 – What she loves about her role and OIA

And so much more!!


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On this week's episode Olivia gets to nerd out with Amber Wuollet.  Amber is the Director of Marketing for Bold Penguin AND self-proclaimed Nerdiest Insurance Nerd!  Amber found a passion early on in her insurance career and brings that energy to everything she does whether at work for Bold Penguin or creating content for InsNerds.

In this episode Olivia and Amber dive into life and career:

8:30 - Why she fell in love with insurance early in her career

11:55 - Connecting with Bold Penguin

17:00 - The importance of creating a nurturing community in the insurance industry

22:45 - How leaders in her life have shaped her career

29:30 - The value of having a solid network

36:30 - The lessons that can be found in uncomfortable moments

And much, much more!

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