As Director of Marketing and Communications, Olivia Schmitt brings her vast insurance industry knowledge, strong leadership track record and small business expertise to the Total CSR team.

Through her podcast, Olivia holds space for other women in insurance to discuss their struggles, seek advice and discover new opportunities within the industry.


This week Olivia sits down and chats with Katlyn Eggar.

Katlyn is a wife, mom of 2 and passionate about helping the insurance industry grow and succeed.  After starting a scratch agency in the Captive world with her husband, Justin, they felt the calling to do something more.  Armed with an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to help their employees achieve their professional goals, Quantum was born in 2019.


Listen in as Olivia and Katlyn chat about:

4:00 – The homeschool adventure

12:00 – The journey from scratch agency to Quantum

 19:00 – Katlyn’s mission with Quantum

30:06 – People who have impacted her the most

35:00 – Discovering her love of entrepreneurship

41:00 – Advice for her younger self


…and much, much more!


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This week Olivia welcomes Kelly Augspurger to the show!

Kelly is a wife, mom to two wonderful kids and a Producer at Steadfast Insurance in Westerville, OH.  After working in a family business for 12 years, she received an invitation she couldn’t refuse to join the insurance industry.  It didn’t take long for her to realize she found her calling.  She now channels her passion to help others and her love of insurance to work every day in her role at Steadfast.


Listen in as Olivia and Kelly chat about:


7:40 – Shout out to the short girls

12:37 – Kelly’s journey into insurance

18:18 – How life experience adds up

22:40 – Finding balance when working with a spouse

30:23 – People who have impacted her life

38:00 – Future plans

…and much, much more!!


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After crossing the ½ way point of what I hope will be the first year of the show, I decided the time was right to share my own story.  It is definitely a different feeling to interview myself, in a way, but I had been urged to do this by a few guests, friends and family.  Even knowing the questions and what I wanted to share ahead of time didn’t make it any easier! 

In this episode, I talk about:

2:00 – My insurance journey

6:00 – The event that changed everything

11:00 – The inspiration behind the show

18:30 – Why this podcast means so much to me

24:12 – My answers to questions I ask my guests

30:24 – The magic outside of our comfort zones

…and much, much more!

I look forward to bringing you fresh conversations with amazing guests next week!

Until then:

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This week Olivia chats with Emily Mertz.

Emily is the Vice President of Marketing at Slice. After interviewing with Slice, Emily dove into the startup culture.  With Slice’s focus on improving the insurance experience with technology, Emily helps companies promote their innovation within the market. 

Listen in as Olivia and Emily chat about:

9:00 – Her journey to slice

14:20 – What is a Hackathon?

17:02 – The learning process

20:00 – Lessons from Grandma

26:00 – Promoting women in insurance

32:20 – Making memories with her son

…and much, much more!


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This week Olivia welcomes Kari Colman to the show.

Kari is the Brand Manager and Operations Manager at Hitchings Insurance Agency.  After building careers in two other professions, Kari was faced with an important decision about creating the lifestyle she really wanted for herself and her family.  Passionate about people, community and helping others continue to grow, she found a role that allows her to pursue all those things every day.


Listen in as Olivia and Kari talk about:


5:40 – Finding Flexibility

12:30 – Her journey to an independent agency

21:11 - Why relationships matter

27:05 – Life lessons

35:00 – Advice for her younger self

43:00 – Loving what you do

48:30 – The importance of staying connected

…and much, much more!


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This week Olivia welcomes Kiki Johnson to the show.

Kiki is the Co-Founder of The Insurance App in sunny NC!  Shortly after graduating she embarked on her first entrepreneurial adventure.  She then moved onto the financial and securities business sector before getting into mobile app development.  During this time, a close call with her business partner highlighted the importance of leveraging technology to connect policy holders with their policy information.  She continues to provide technology solutions that help connect all parts of the insurance channel.  


Listen in as Olivia and Kiki talk about:


5:30 – The impact of COVID on our kids

9:00 – The importance of flexibility in business

12:30 – The moment that inspired The Insurance App

17:30 – Creating the right client experience

21:53 – Biggest lessons in life

30:35 – Abandoning Perfection

38:50 – Why the insurance industry is the best

44:00 – Letting kids learn through failure

…and much, much more!


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This week Olivia welcomes Tracy Staniland to the show.

Tracy is the Head of Marketing at Chisel AI.  Throughout her career she has served the industry on the tech vendor side. 

After studying marketing in college, she found herself taking a job in the technology world.  By leveraging her prior experience and connecting with others in the company, she was able to establish herself in a marketing position.  As she continued to develop her career, she took on positions at different tech startups.  Intrigued by the ongoing growth of technology in the insurance space, she saw AI as the next step in her insuretech career.

Listen in as Olivia and Tracy Talk about:

7:00 – Her journey into Insuretech

18:35 – Biggest career lessons

23:34 – The value of being challenged

30:00 – Highlighting other women

35:09 – Advice for her younger self

…and much, much more!


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This week Olivia welcomes Trisha Krautkramer to the show.

Trisha is the General Manger of Branding - Acuity, A Mutual Insurance Company in Sheboygan, WI.  After earning a degree in International Business & Marketing, she began her career in advertising in the early years of digital marketing, later pivoting to a role in the data and analytics of marketing.  She now taps the experience and skills of all her prior roles in her work at Acuity.


Listen in as Olivia and Trisha chat about:


10:15 – Her journey to Acuity

18:30 – What life is like at Acuity

25:00 – The balancing act of client engagement

31:20 – The Power of Perspective

39:50 – The challenges of leadership

45:00 – Creating the Right Experience


…and much, much more!


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This week Olivia sits down with Arleen Taveras.  Arleen is the President & CEO of Insurance Licensing Services of America & Co-Host of the SpotOn Insurance Podcast.  Seeking advancement opportunities early in her career, she earned her Risk Management Degree and took a new position handling licensing and regulatory compliance.   After working a few years in a bogged-down, paper-heavy processes, she recognized the automation gap in her work and the idea for ILSA was born!

Now employing 55 people, they have continued to evolve and add services to help carriers and brokers manage the licensing process better and faster.


Join Olivia and Arleen as they talk about:


5:00 – Arleen’s journey to ILSA

11:15 – Hiring individuals with different strengths

16:00 – Weathering economic downturn as a business owner

22:45 – People who made an impact on her life

33:00 – Advice for her younger self

34:00 – Maturity over age

…and much, much more!!


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This week Olivia catches up with Bobbie Shrivastav, the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Benekiva. 

During a chance introduction with a start-up in Iowa, they recognized the many pain points of the life and health insurance claims process.  After some discussion, Bobbie, along side her husband, Soven  and business partner, Brent,  set out to do something about it and Benekiva was born. 


Listen in as Olivia and Bobbie Chat about:


6:00 – Making lemons out of lemonade

13:50 – Jumping into entrepreneurship

17:00 – The story behind “Benekiva”

24:00 – Creating solutions that enhance the experience

35:00 – Moving past Imposter Syndrome

50:00 – Showing up for other women

56:00 – Funding Change

…and much, much more.


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