As Director of Marketing and Communications, Olivia Schmitt brings her vast insurance industry knowledge, strong leadership track record and small business expertise to the Total CSR team.

Through her podcast, Olivia holds space for other women in insurance to discuss their struggles, seek advice and discover new opportunities within the industry.


This week Olivia welcomes Susan Hatten to the show!

Double majoring in apparel merchandising and business marketing, Susan knew her interest was in the branding and creative side of business.  Immediately after graduating, Susan found herself at an advertising agency.  While doing to some searching on her next career opportunity, she connected with Holmes Murphy where she now gets to share her love for community advocacy and insurance innovation!


4:16 – A holiday state of mind

16:24 – Her journey to Holmes Murphy & BrokerTech Ventures

22:00 – The goals of BrokerTech Ventures

30:38 – Creating a Personal Board of Directors

39:13 – Advice for her younger self

48:00 – The DJ Story

…and much, much more!


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November 17, 2020

YDKS - Greatest Hits

This week I am excited to bring you another collection of past interviews. 

This episode is full of amazing wisdom and advice from the incredible women I have had the privilege of interviewing over the last few months.  As I listened back through these interviews, I realized how relevant and timeless their insight is.  While it meant a lot in the moment, the impact it had on me as I put this project together was even more profound.

In this episode, you will get to hear from:

Billie Jo Galle

Sarah Applegate

Kelly Lennon

Sabrina Moon

Becky Schroeder

Arleen Taveras

Trisha Krautkramer

Tracy Staniland

Kiki Johnson

Kari Colman

Emily Mertz

Kelly Augspurger

I again sit here astonished at how blessed I am to get to steal time from each of these women and to share this slice of heaven with all of you is indescribable.

Be sure to connect with these amazing women!

Full interviews can be found here:

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This week Olivia welcomes Cheri Trites-Versluis to the show!

Discovering a love of research and writing while in law school, her skills were a natural match for insurance litigation and dissecting coverage forms.  After building a solid career as an attorney on the carrier side, she made the leap over to RiskGenius in early 2020.  She is now the Director, Policy Analysis & Product at Risk Genius. 


5:30 – Why Gen Z will be the most heavily studied generation

8:17 – Her journey to RiskGenius

17:50 – The importance of building leaders

25:00 – The value of “I don’t know”

34:00 – The value of confidence in building a career

44:00 – Advocating for equal pay for women


…and much, much more!!


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This week I welcome Alyssa Hrubes to the show!!

Alyssa is a friend, mom, wife and all about safety!  After trying to sort out what she wanted to major in for most of her college career, she fell in love with Safety. After wrapping up her internship she was offered a job in an agency and 17 years later, she has never looked back.  She now provides a wealth of experience and knowledge in her role as a Safety Consultant for TRICOR Insurance.

Listen in as Oliva and Alyssa chat about:

10:53 – How she ended up in Safety Consulting

18:30 – Why she loves agency life

24:20 – Biggest life lessons

28:45 – People who have impacted her journey

38:00 – Dealing with major life events

45:00 – Future plans

…and much, much more!


Connect with Alyssa:


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This week Olivia welcomes Sharon Fox to the show!

Sharon is a self-proclaimed insurance geek and the Director, Business Development at TrustLayer.  She originally set out to build her career in HR. As she started researching other options outside the HR sector, she discovered insurance and quickly recognized the variety of opportunities the industry had to offer.  Passionate about people, insurance, insuretech, and entrepreneurship, Sharon has found a home for all those passions within insurance.


Listen in as Olivia and Sharon talk about:


5:00 – Conference Life 2020: Virtual vs In Person

9:03 – Her journey to TrustLayer

15:50 – The critical service TrustLayer is providing

31:00 – Biggest lessons in her career

36:35 – Being the champion of other women


…and much, much more!


Connect with Sharon:


Learn more about TrustLayer:


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This week Olivia welcomes Kaylee Chappelow to the show!

Kaylee is the Manager of Business Development at Risk Genius.

Kaylee is passionate about the insurance industry, personal and professional growth, leadership, workplace diversity and women in business.  And while she may be at the beginning of her career, she brings with her wisdom and insight well beyond her years.  Growing up, she was very active and involved and she has carried those experiences and that enthusiasm into her life and career.


Listen in as Olivia and Kaylee discuss:


6:30 – Her journey into the industry and why she loves insurance

11:00 – The latest developments at Risk Genius

16:35 – Her biggest lessons in life

26:03 – The people who have mentored her

40:00 – What it means to support women in the workplace

53:00 – The power of networking


…and much, much more!


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October 13, 2020

A Few of My Favorite Things

This week’s episode has a little bit different flavor. 

Instead of fresh new interview, what you will find is a walk down memory lane.  This week, I have collected some of my favorite bits and pieces of interviews from the early part of the season.  There has been so much wisdom shared by amazing women , that I was only able to include outtakes from the first half of the season.

In this episode, you will get to hear from:

Sydney Roe

Tracy Cotton

Kelly Donahue-Piro

Amber Wuollet

Ash Fitz

Bobbie Collies

Carey Wallace

Vonda Copeland

Carrie Reynolds

Erin Nutting

Louise H Reid

Dani Kimble

Janet Payne

Patty Lares

Such a tremendous list of women I have had the privilege of interviewing.  And there’s a list just as long on the balance of the season!  I am clearly blessed!

Be sure to connect with these amazing women.

Full interviews can be found here:

Check out Total CSR:

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This week Olivia sits down with Sophie Louise Beynon.

Sophie is wife, mother of four, and a Nutrition Coach, International Health Coach, Weight Loss Specialist, Personal Trainer & CEO at Sophie Louise Health

After struggling with her own health and wellness at a young age, she invested her energy into finding better balance in her emotional and physical needs and learned to love her body again.  Sophie recognized her passion to help others do the same. 


Listen in as Olivia and Sophie chat about:


5:30 – Life in a full house

12:00 – Finding her passion

19:00 – Decisions vs Discipline

27:15 – Loving the skin we’re in

31:00 – Balanced nourishment

41:00 – Supporting the body’s aging process

53:00 – Balancing social media in our lives


…and much, much more.


Connect with Sophie:


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This week Olivia welcomes her sister Tena to the show!  And while we were raised in the same house, we could not be more different…

Tena is a wife, mom and engineer.  Always very driven, analytical and curious about math and science, she found engineering to be a natural fit.  After graduating in 2001 she landed an opportunity that would allow her to build her engineering career and see the world.  Throughout the last 19 years, she has gotten to live in beautiful places, build and challenger her own leadership skills and find a passion for mentorship. 


Listen in as Olivia and Tena chat about:


4:00 – The evolution of our relationship

8:00 – Why community matters

13:50 – Career & Leadership

20:00 – The importance of mentorship

29:05 – Advice for her younger self

33:00 – The thing we had in common

40:00 – Family First

57:00 – Letting go of perfectionism


…and much, much more.


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This week Olivia sits down and chats with Katlyn Eggar.

Katlyn is a wife, mom of 2 and passionate about helping the insurance industry grow and succeed.  After starting a scratch agency in the Captive world with her husband, Justin, they felt the calling to do something more.  Armed with an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to help their employees achieve their professional goals, Quantum was born in 2019.


Listen in as Olivia and Katlyn chat about:

4:00 – The homeschool adventure

12:00 – The journey from scratch agency to Quantum

 19:00 – Katlyn’s mission with Quantum

30:06 – People who have impacted her the most

35:00 – Discovering her love of entrepreneurship

41:00 – Advice for her younger self


…and much, much more!


Connect with Katlyn:


Check out Quantum Assurance:


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