As Director of Marketing and Communications, Olivia Schmitt brings her vast insurance industry knowledge, strong leadership track record and small business expertise to the Total CSR team. Through her podcast, Olivia holds space for other women in insurance to discuss their struggles, seek advice and discover new opportunities within the industry.


This week Olivia welcomes Trisha Krautkramer to the show.

Trisha is the General Manger of Branding - Acuity, A Mutual Insurance Company in Sheboygan, WI.  After earning a degree in International Business & Marketing, she began her career in advertising in the early years of digital marketing, later pivoting to a role in the data and analytics of marketing.  She now taps the experience and skills of all her prior roles in her work at Acuity.


Listen in as Olivia and Trisha chat about:


10:15 – Her journey to Acuity

18:30 – What life is like at Acuity

25:00 – The balancing act of client engagement

31:20 – The Power of Perspective

39:50 – The challenges of leadership

45:00 – Creating the Right Experience


…and much, much more!


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This week Olivia sits down with Arleen Taveras.  Arleen is the President & CEO of Insurance Licensing Services of America & Co-Host of the SpotOn Insurance Podcast.  Seeking advancement opportunities early in her career, she earned her Risk Management Degree and took a new position handling licensing and regulatory compliance.   After working a few years in a bogged-down, paper-heavy processes, she recognized the automation gap in her work and the idea for ILSA was born!

Now employing 55 people, they have continued to evolve and add services to help carriers and brokers manage the licensing process better and faster.


Join Olivia and Arleen as they talk about:


5:00 – Arleen’s journey to ILSA

11:15 – Hiring individuals with different strengths

16:00 – Weathering economic downturn as a business owner

22:45 – People who made an impact on her life

33:00 – Advice for her younger self

34:00 – Maturity over age

…and much, much more!!


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This week Olivia catches up with Bobbie Shrivastav, the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Benekiva. 

During a chance introduction with a start-up in Iowa, they recognized the many pain points of the life and health insurance claims process.  After some discussion, Bobbie, along side her husband, Soven  and business partner, Brent,  set out to do something about it and Benekiva was born. 


Listen in as Olivia and Bobbie Chat about:


6:00 – Making lemons out of lemonade

13:50 – Jumping into entrepreneurship

17:00 – The story behind “Benekiva”

24:00 – Creating solutions that enhance the experience

35:00 – Moving past Imposter Syndrome

50:00 – Showing up for other women

56:00 – Funding Change

…and much, much more.


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In Episode #20, Olivia catches up with Becky Schroeder.

Becky is Chief Marketing Officer at Insurance Technologies Corporation.  After shifting her emphasis in college, earning her Masters and working in a few different roles for various firms, she found her love for marketing.  She continues to share that love every day driving creativity and innovation at ITC.

In this episode Olivia & Becky chat about:

9:00 – Team building During Covid-19

16:00 – The steps that led her to ITC

21:00 – Scaling with people and creativity

27:30 – Lessons learned from Dad

29:30 – Making first impressions at ITC

42:20 – Raising future leaders

…and much, much more!


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Sabrina is the Founder & CEO of the Problem Solving Institute and a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator.

While building a career in engineering with companies like GM and Amtrak, a friend recommended Brené Brown’s work.  Sabrina immediately embraced all she was learning and applying it at work.  Recognizing the growing need for leadership coaching, Sabrina started the Problem Solving Institute and continues to help leaders become more vulnerable, empathetic and “embrace the suck.”


This week, Olivia and Sabrina talk about:


5:30 – Her journey from engineering to leadership coaching

17:40 – The need for connection and vulnerability

21:12 – Creating space for grief

27:30 – Why she loves anger

34:30 – Why vulnerability is critical to business

46:12 – Giving ourselves permission

53:20 – Her future outreach projects

…and much, much more.


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This week Olivia welcomes Kelly Lennon to the show!

Kelly is the Vice President, Commercial Risk Advisor at USI Insurance.  She has had an incredible journey from her first exposure to the insurance industry to the role that she is in now.  Her energy and passion for life, the industry, family and supporting other women are clear throughout this conversation.


In this episode, Olivia and Kelly chat about:

3:00 – Life in New York during a pandemic

16:00 – Where her insurance journey started

21:41 – Taking on new challenges

27:00 – How her mom has inspired her

31:55 - The importance of Women supporting women

39:00 – Her big goals at USI

41:26 – Her other passions in life

…and much, much more!

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This week Olivia welcomes Sarah Applegate to the show! 

Sarah’s career in the insurance industry has led her to roles on both the agency and carrier side.  As her career evolved, Sarah found herself in conversations with many agencies and quickly recognized common struggles.  Led by curiosity, she started to dig into the “how” and “why” behind data, how it impacts an organization and how agencies can manage it more efficiently.  She now shares that insight with agencies across the country looking for solutions.

Listen in as Olivia and Sarah discuss:

6:00 – Biggest lesson in her career

10:30 – Leadership, Strengths & Weaknesses

14:38 – The power of vulnerability and collaboration

21:17 – Using automation to eliminate limitations

28:30 – Why we all need to stay curious

35:15 – Getting perspective on operations

45:12 – Advice for her younger self

…and much, much more!

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In this week’s show, Olivia welcomes Billie Jo Galle to the show.  Billie is a wife, a mom and the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at TRICOR Insurance. 

Billie’s interest in marketing and consumer data began while working in a corporate marketing department in college.  She has continued to dig in and learn about the importance of data and puts that knowledge to work every day in her role at TRICOR.

In this episode, Olivia and Billie discuss:

6:45 – The silver lining of COVID-19

12:40 - How COVID changed the way we work

17:30 – Her first exposure to data and customer experience

24:50 – Finding the right culture fit in a job

35:00 – The importance of learning and collaboration

43:01 – Developing leadership in others

47:45 – Using data to become more effective

…and much much more.


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This week, Olivia welcomes to the show, Patty Lares. 

Patty is the Principal of AA Lares Insurance in Orange, CA.  She has a huge heart for insurance and leadership.  Patty’s journey in insurance is definitely one of perseverance.  Needing to find a job and support herself, Patty started her first job at an insurance agency at a VERY young age.  Fueled by determination, she has continued to grow her career and is now celebrating 20 years of owning her own agency.

In this episode, Olivia and Patty chat about:

3:41 – The importance of leadership during tough times

11:15 – The power of influence

19:30 – Her journey into insurance

24:30 – The gift of quitting

34:00 – The person who has impacted her life

42:15 – Shutting off self-limiting beliefs

…and so much more!

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This week Olivia welcomes Janet Payne to the show!  Janet is the co-owner of TrustPoint Insurance & Real Estate in Burlington, KS

Janet's path to the insurance industry was not intentional - similar to what many of us have experienced.  Her heart set on a career in real estate, she soon found herself diving into insurance.  She quickly recognized how amazing the industry is.

She is passionate about how rewarding a career in insurance can be and dedicated to helping bring the next generation of agents into the industry!

In this episode Olivia and Janet chat about:

4:30 – Managing operations from home during COVID-19

11:00 – The real reason she got her insurance license and what reeled her in

17:00 – Her biggest life lessons

22:50 – The most influential people in her life

28:00 – Why “opposites attract” works in business

31:45 – How we attract the next generation of insurance professionals

41:40 – Advice for her younger self

…and much much more!


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